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How a Busy Light Can Help Workers Feel More Confident in the Office


In modern times, one of the most important things to focus on is making a good impression. With advertisements flying around everyone, people tend to be cautious and weary, meaning they are less likely to trust someone. This means that people who are trying to build business connections or who are trying to sell a product have to work double time.

People will have to focus on their presentation, on good marketing, as well as ensuring that they are well prepared when conversing. This means that they not only know what they are talking about but that they also come across as confident during their conversations. As this is so important, it is imperative that people do everything in their power to ensure that they are making a good first impression as well as a great lasting one.

As previously mentioned, there are a few ways that people can go about this. A method that people may not have thought about is by ensuring that they are not disturbed during important phone calls. This peace of mind can often make all the difference with how someone comes across which is why this article will look at how a busy light can help workers feel more confident in the office.


Staff can fully focus on their important phone calls when implementing a busy light

There are many reasons why people are able to improve their confidence when implementing a busy light and one of them is that they will feel more focused. When staff members are focused, they are less likely to stutter, fumble, or to give incorrect information. They are able to get the message across that they are trying to convey and they are able to do this without worrying that one of their staff members are going to come up and try to talk to them.

When people don’t implement tools such as a busy light, they can become distracted by others who are trying to interrupt them. This can annoy the person on the other end and this may even come across as rude. This is especially the case when chatting with clients who are overseas and have gotten up in the middle of the night for the call.

The good news is that all people have to do is turn on their busy light so that other staff members can know that they shouldn’t be disturbed. They can instead send them an email which they are able to read in their own time. As it can be seen, just knowing that someone is going to interrupt is able to help increase someone’s confidence.



When workers implement a busy light, they can know that they won’t miss important calls

When most people think about a busy light, they may be aware of the do not disturb function. What they may not realize is that they are more functions that they are able to implement which will allow them to feel more confident in the office. For instance, they are able to turn on a function which will enable a light to flash when there is an incoming call.

This means that they are less likely to miss a call even when they are in another room. They will see the flash and can immediately approach their area to pick up the phone. Furthermore, many people like to listen to music or may be chatting with another co-worker at their desk. When this is the case, they will need something that will allow them to get back to their space when necessary.


Workers can take a busy light with them when they travel

Finally, workers are able to remain confident when they travel as this tool can be implemented on laptops, smartphones, as well as headsets. This means that people are able to be easily notified of when a call is coming through even in situations where they need to have their device placed on silent. In addition to this, people are able to take this valuable tool with them when they need to change offices.

This can be extremely handy as there are many people out there who may work from several different offices such as temp staff. It can be extremely helpful for these people to use such a tool as they can easily turn away other people in the office without feeling awkward as they don’t know them as well yet. All they have to do is see the busy light and can realize that they are on the phone.

At the end of the day, anything that can improve confidence is important. Even if it is something as small as a tool such as this. When people are feeling more efficient, they are more likely to produce great work.



Why You Should Buy Roller Blinds


Window treatments are an important feature of any home. Not only do they have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home, but they also increase your privacy and security. If you’re conscious about the cost of your energy bill then good window treatments are a must – up to 25% of household energy loss happens through your windows.

If you prefer a clean and simple look and don’t like all the cords and pulls that go with curtains and venetian blinds, the roller blinds can be a good alternative. Read on to find out why they are the best choice for window treatments in any home.


What are roller blinds?

These shades are single length of material which are wrapped around a casing or dowel and mounted above your window. They can be mounted either within or outside of the window recess. Blinds are moved up and down by a chain pulley system attached to the casing. These cords are usually discreet in comparison to curtains or venetian blind systems. It is also possible to have blinds motorized. Automatic system can completely remove any cords or pulleys and can be a great option for homes with young children.


Why choose roller blinds?

They give you so much freedom with how to display your windows. When in an open position, they fit in seamlessly with windows and provide the kind of unobstructed views that would be impossible with curtains or other household venetian or roman blinds. They can be partially or fully closed so that you can control how much sunlight filters in. They can be purchased in block-out fabrics as well and can provide complete privacy and protection from drafts.


Can they be used in every window?

Roller blinds look sleek in any space and can be used in most windows. They look best in single window but can be made to work in Bay windows. They look great at any size. They look clean and neat in small window spaces and can be measured to fit large windows, patios and doors. Thy can even be used for unusual spaces such as skylights.


What fabric options are there for roller blinds?

There are thousands of roller blind options out there. The choice of fabric can be customized is a myriad of ways to best suit your existing décor and to fit in with the general vibe of your home. Looking for airy and bright in your home? Purchase sheer shades to let in as much light as possible whilst also providing privacy. Have issues with glare hitting your living room television? Is the afternoon sun heating up your home? Choose block-out fabrics to protect your windows. It is even possible to install double roller shades so that you can get the best of both worlds, or alternate both styles throughout the house in the same fabric shade for visual consistency.


What type of décor do roller blinds work best with?

These shades are a minimalists best friend! They have a very neutral look and the fabric options and colour choices available mean that they can be made to look appropriate with all kinds of décor from traditional to contemporary. The choice of mounting can help to enhance the décor as well, a ceiling mount for example can make a room feel taller or the choice to mount inside the window recess can give the illusion of the shades being practically invisible when rolled up.


Do roller blinds require maintenance?

Roller blinds should be gently cleaned about once a year. The process of cleaning them is relatively easy, they only need to be rolled off their brackets and gently wiped down with a towel or cloth. This is a much simpler cleaning process than curtains or venetian blinds which can be costly and time consuming to clean, sometimes requiring professional dry cleaning or blind cleaning services.


How much do roller blinds cost?

There is a huge variety in prices for roller blinds. They can come pre-cut and ready to hang for do-it-yourself installation, this is a very affordable option especially if you are trying to add shades to window with a standard size. The cost for ready-made shades can be as low as a few cents per square foot. If you want more control over the measurements and fabric of your blinds, then made-to-measure is the way to go. Made-to-measure shades are cut to your exact specifications and can be installed by professionals or by you. The average cost for made to measure blinds is between $5-15 per square metre.

Roller blinds are a sleek, affordable window treatment option for any home. They look good with all kinds of décor and can be used to enhance the space.

Why Sydney Wedding Photography with a Nostalgic Feel is All the Rage

wedding photographer taking photos

In modern times, it can feel like things are changing so fast that people are trying their hardest to grasp onto the past. Perhaps a time where things seemed simpler and easier. Because of this, many people have a fondness for the era when they grew up e.g. the nineties.

In addition to this, people in current times are spoiled for choice as they are able to look back at all of the different trends that have gone by. So much so, in fact, that the current trend is to include a nostalgic feel in almost everything. This can be done with clothing, with music, with decorations, and even with Sydney wedding photography.

This means that people are able to enjoy snapshots of themselves that may be in black and white, that may have a filter put over them, or even that have a little bit of grain put over them. Whatever is done in order to create a vintage feel, couples are able to enjoy their pictures a lot more and they are able to share these little works of arts with their friends, family members, and future children.


Sydney wedding photography with a nostalgic feel can match the rest of the décor

One of the many reasons why Sydney wedding photography with a nostalgic feel is all the rage these days is because it matches the décor of the rest of the event. This is because more and more couples are wanting to choose outfits that give a nod to an error before such as the sixties or seventies. Furthermore, people will include this feel in their decorations such as including vintage cups, plates, and cutlery.

Putting together a reception and ceremony that throws back to the good times of the past can be a whole lot of fun and more often than not, the hunt for great looking items is the best part. But when people go to all of the trouble of putting something like this together, they want to be able to ensure that they are correctly capturing the aesthetic that they have created. Because of this, people want to ensure that they are implementing Sydney wedding photography with a nostalgic feel.

This can sometimes be done by slightly changes the colours of the pictures, or by using the light and shadows to create an ethereal look. The lens artist, however, will likely be the person who is doing the editing so it is always best to chat to them beforehand to make sure that they understand what is desired.

wedding set up


Sydney wedding photography with a nostalgic feel can look like artwork when they are placed in a frame

Another reason why so many people are looking for this type of Sydney wedding photography is because they want to have something amazing to place around their home or places of work. People don’t want cheesy pictures anymore; they want images that are able to second as works of art. As this is the case, people want to find a professional who is able to create this for them.

Couples can then get creative with the different frames that they include their captures in such as extravagant gold frames or sleek black frames. Whatever is chosen, it is important that people have images with the right feel in order to match their frames. For instance, one person may have frames that they were gifted from a grandparent and so they will need photos that match the vintage look and style of those frames.


wedding couple kissing


Sydney wedding photography with a nostalgic feel can help images age well

Finally, a big reason why people want to go for Sydney wedding photography with a more classic or traditional feel is because the images are more likely to age well. People can often go astray when they implement the trends of the time as they will find that in ten or twenty years, the pictures look ridiculous. Many couples had the run of the mill pictures done in the eighties with permed hair and now can only laugh when they look back at those images.

A great way to avoid this is to go for something timeless. Rather than including strong features, it can be wise to edit the photos subtly so that they are still of good quality but aren’t too modern either. This will help make it more likely that family members and friends can look upon these for years to come and can still take them seriously.

At the end of the day, each lens artist will have their own artistic flair. This means that couples need to ensure that they collaborate with them beforehand in order to truly capture the nostalgic feel they are hoping for.



What Does a Good Rubbish Removal Service Include?


If you have a big rubbish removal job coming up and simply can’t stand the thought of doing it yourself then you need a professional. Professional rubbish removal is a quick and effective way to get rid of your junk while not breaking the bank. But with so many businesses offering the same service, it can be difficult to sort through the garbage for your diamond in the rough.

That’s why choosing a good rubbish removal service will ensure that your clean up goes according to plan. When you are on the hunt for a good service, you should be looking to see if they offer the following services.


Household rubbish removal

This service is the most common and basic package that these businesses generally have to offer. If you house is accumulating junk and you don’t have the space or time to continue to put up with the mess then this service would be for you. Companies that specialise in rubbish removal are able to drive out to all suburbs of the cities that they operate in. If you are the CBD or even far off in the out suburbs, there will be a truck that can pick up your stuff.

If you haven’t used a service like this before, you may not be aware of all the types of items that they can dispose of. Rubbish removal services are able to take all household junk such as mattresses, old TV screens, computers, tables, furniture or even old and worn out car parts. Whatever household junk that you have lying around, there is a service that has you covered.




Deceased estate clean ups

Deceased estates refer to the belongings of an individual who has passed away. Their belongings include assets, money and property that they owned at the time of their passing. We know if can be painful losing a loved one but there are things that need to be done afterwards to ensure that the estate reaches those who it is intended for.

Instead of worrying yourself with cleaning out the large items that nobody can take, you should be focusing on planning a funeral and the finances following that. The big sentimental items usually find homes but there are circumstances where it may be difficult to dispose of them along with many little items of junk. Rubbish removal companies provide a respectful service that will do everything in their power to ensure that you get the items that you want while also clearing out all of the junk.

Good services would provide an initial consult to confirm that the only items that are left in the household are to be removed. A lot of left-over belongings will hold sentimental value which is why it is important to have a consult before the clean out begins.



Office clean outs

Many companies are pre-occupied with running their organisation and improving their business procedures to notice that office junk may slowly accumulate over time. On the other hand, large businesses may conduct renovations and are left with a huge pile of junk leftover.

It is fairly common for junk to accumulate around your work space without anyone realizing it. This is even more common for large companies that have a lot of employees working around the clock. With that in mind, having junk lying around your commercial work space can have a negative impact both on your employee’s and the perception of your customers.

Getting a rubbish removal service in to remove the excess junk is an effective and hassle free way to get your office looking as good as new. Choosing a third party to take care of the dirty work will also allow our workforce to focus on the things that they do best which is powering the company.

Common Advice Offered By a Digital Marketing Company

Businesses that want to bring aboard the expertise of a professional SEO Sydney company are calling out for an expansion of their current operating model.

They understand the need to market their brand on platforms that more people are utilizing each and every day, transitioning away from traditional outlets such as radio and television commercials or print advertising in magazines and newspapers.

Should this be a practice that is outsourced, there will be consultants from a variety of backgrounds who each arrive at this task with a unique take.

Some will prioritize the need to score immediate visibility through pay-per click (PPC) advertisements whilst others will want to develop an organic standing within the niche.

What is important for business managers who are looking to source this intelligence is that they are educated and aware of the factors driving digital marketing in 2018.

Having evolved from an ambiguous concept at the turn of the century, this is now fundamental to ensuring that a brand becomes viable for modern day consumers.

So what kind of advice could you expect to receive from these consultants?

Here we will identify some of these essential pointers, allowing you to be more up to speed on how they will develop a blueprint for your organisation online.


Think Local First

Local promotion has become all the rage in the world of the outsourced digital marketing company as a premium practice. Thanks to the advent of targeted geographic advertising on platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram, more operations today are integrating their keywords and marketing spots on specific postcode domains. There will be certain providers who do not necessarily need to function around a local area, but the majority of companies who want to drive sales will seek to dominate a particular landscape online.


You Need To Be On Mobile

Mobile compatibility sits in the upper echelon of priorities for a 2018 enterprise. Any reputable digital marketing company will advise clients that they need to transition their website into a smartphone friendly design where iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung users can equally enjoy the functionality and features that are illustrated on the domain. 2016 would see the tipping point where a greater percentage of internet traffic was conducted on hand held devices than through desktops, marking a permanent shift in the behaviours of the online community form here on out.


mobile optimization



Create An Audience On Social Media

One of the major outliers that will be discussed as you sit down for a consultation with a digital marketing company is the need to source traffic from an authentic consumer base. Here is where social media becomes fundamental to this task, allowing for regulars and part-time customers to follow your content, click the links, opt in to the messages and share your promotions to pools of other people. Once you have established a presence on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat, it is important to build on that momentum and utilise the viewership.


social media marketing


Build SEO For Long-Term Prosperity

There has to be a long-term planning process put in place when hiring a digital marketing company. This will be built around search engine optimisation (SEO), a practice that takes a minimum of 3-4 months before results start to bare fruit. Undertaking SEO will see your website and online presence boosted through a series of techniques that escalates your standing through specific search terms. It is imperative that you have a grasp of this concept before opening up further discussions.


Drive Video Content

The single most important piece of content you can create for your consumers is digital. Any digital marketing company that veers from this fact is doing your business a disservice. The data emanating from research endeavours over the past 5 years illustrates that individuals respond to video content at a higher rate than any other format, and it should be a driving force behind this project.



No one will expect your company to have the intellectual property that can be sourced by a digital marketing company. What you should be aware of are the patterns of behaviour that help to justify their expertise and the larger plan that is at play. Once you understand the theory behind the activity, you can begin to ask more pertinent questions.


How to Find the Right Print Shop for Your Needs

printing services

When looking for an answer to the question of “where to find quality printing services near me”, it can be difficult to know where to begin and what to consider. Let’s look at some key things to consider when choosing a quality local print shop.


What are they capable of doing?

Different services will be able to do different things based on their size, purpose and staff. It can be often quite confusing when looking at websites to determine what it is they are capable of doing. Some stores cater to walk in customers, while others operate purely by appointment.

In order to get the best idea of your local print shops capabilities we recommend speaking to an account representative or store owner. They will be able to give you the best assessment of their company’s abilities.


What are your needs?

Choosing the right print shop can come down mostly to what you need done. Consider the types of materials you would like used, the sizing, the level of complexity, and the price. By asking yourself to consider these factors you will be able to hone your search a lot more. Ultimately the right choice will only be the one that has the capabilities to meet your needs for the best price.



Think about the equipment they are using?

If quality is what you are after, a good indication of how well a company will complete a job is by looking at their equipment and machinery. It may be a good idea to ask the staff about what equipment they are using and how it is kept.


Ask to see their work

There is no better way of telling the quality of local print shop than by physically inspecting examples of work they have done before. This will show you the attention to detail they have as well as the overall look of their work. Looking at previous works they have done is the best way to compare services.


What is their customer service like?

In many instances when using these kinds of services deadlines and customer service are extremely important. That’s why it is crucial that when choosing a local print shop, you consider their customer service reputation. The best way to get this kind of information is to look at customer reviews. Reviews will often provide a relatively accurate outline of a store’s customer service capabilities and how well they respond to deadlines.

When assessing a business’s customer service think about the following:

  • How they resolve problems?
  • How responsive are they to your needs and requests?
  • Do they educate and communicate with the customer about what their process is and how it works?
  • What is the overall customer experience like?


What is their pricing like? Do they offer good value?

Once you have assessed a number of businesses by looking at their capabilities, quality and customer-service it is time to look at the price. It is all well and good finding a company that does exactly what you need with great attention to detail, but if they are well out of your price range they are no use. With this in mind it is important to be realistic about what you plan on getting in your price range.

Comparing companies and their prices is a very useful way to see if you are getting good value for money. The best way to get an idea of price before dedicating yourself to any one particular firm is simply to go around and ask for quotes. This way you will get a ball park figure of what you will need to pay in order to get what you want from your local print shop.

How Visiting a Spa in Sydney Can Help Get You Back on Track


It is extremely likely that most people out there will use the word “busy” several times a day. The reason for this is because humans are collectively more stressed out and are working longer hours in the day. The cost of living is constantly on the rise and people are constantly comparing themselves to others due to the rise of social media.

In addition to this, most companies these days require for people to constantly be glued to their phones which can lead them to feeling burned out as they have to be switched on for many hours of the day. When people begin to feel this way, this can quickly lead to overwhelm and can sometimes negatively impact a person’s mental or physical health. In addition to this, people can start to feel blocked creatively and like they don’t have anything to give the world.

The good news is that all people have to do in order to combat this is to take care of themselves. This can be in the form of taking regular breaks, practices self-care, and participating in daily exercise. Another great way to do this is by visiting the best spas in Sydney.


Visiting a spa in Sydney can give people time away from their smart devices

In modern times, almost everyone out there is glued to their smart devices. They use them to check in with others, as their alarm clocks, and as their source of information and entertainment. While there are many benefits to this, there are also downsides as well.

The more people are stuck inside of their devices, the less they are able to sit with themselves without these devices. They can form an unhealthy co-dependency on their phones and can even become anxious when they don’t have them. Furthermore, when people are always connection they can begin to compare themselves to other people and may even start feeling bad about themselves.

Even though more and more people have online businesses or jobs where they need to be active on their emails or on social media, it is still important that these people take regular breaks. It is important that people remember how to function in the real world without technology and that they know how to sit and be with their thoughts. As this is so important, visiting a spa in Sydney can be a great way for people to not only get pampered but to also disconnect from the world and unwind.

More often than not, taking this little break is enough for people to clear their minds and to help them feel like they are back on track.


Visiting a spa in Sydney can help people release stress from their bodies

There are many professionals out there who believe that people store tension, trauma, and stress in their bodies. Their muscles can become tight and people can begin to experience chronic pain because of this. Furthermore, many people work at desks in modern times and this can contribute to stiff and sore bodies.

This is why visiting a day spa in Sydney can help people get back on track as they are able to not only take a mental sabbatical but they can also have their body taken care of. They can enjoy a massage which can help release tension and they can have natural products and scents applied to their skin in order to calm them. People can also get facials which can help them release tension in an area which gets a lot of work.

Why You Should Buy Your Prescription Sunglasses Online

woman wearing sun glasses

For many people looking to update their specs, visiting a store in person may seem like the only available option. But alas, it’s not – the internet has made the process much easier and more affordable. Purchasing your next pair of prescription sunglasses online is the ideal option for those who are time poor or live a long distance from a physical store.

Shades that have lenses which improve your sight are a worthwhile addition to your spectacle collection. Not only are they essential for people who are outdoors or drive a lot (to shield against the sun’s rays), but they ensure that you don’t have to wear two pairs of specs at once (which can sometimes look a bit silly) and keep you looking stylish!




Here’s a list of 5 benefits of buying prescription sunglasses online:

1.      Ease of purchase

Shopping on the internet is so much easier than doing it in person – you can do it at your own convenience, whether you’re at home, in the office or on the bus. Simply find a website that you like, select your favourite style, send them your treatment details and payment and they’ll be on their way! This is one of the greatest benefits of getting prescription sunglasses online.


2.      Wider variety of options

Whereas a shopping centre might only have one or two stores for you to choose from, the large number of spectacle businesses available digitally gives you greater freedom of choice. Buying prescription sunglasses online means that not only can you choose the shades and lenses themselves, but you can choose a brand that suits you best. This will help ensure you are happy with the decision you make. However, it can sometimes be important to put in your treatment details before browsing styles, as your selection may be limited based on the strength of your required lenses.



3.      Try them on digitally

It’s obviously important to be able to test your specs before you buy them. Many stores on the internet offer a virtual ‘try on’ feature, where you can upload a photo of yourself and see what each pair of shades will look like on you. If you’d rather test them out physically, many businesses will be willing to mail you out several tester pairs for a free home trial.


4.      It can save you time

Often going into a physical store to buy new specs can take up a lot of time. From travelling to the store to waiting for the specs to arrive (you may even have to go back to the store to pick them up), the process can be time consuming. Purchasing prescription sunglasses online can be a much faster process, with many companies offering next day home delivery.


5.      Good returns policy

It’s important to find a digital retailer with a solid returns policy. Many stores will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, whereby if you aren’t completely happy with the style or fit, you can return the specs for a full refund. Of course, if a store on the internet doesn’t offer this, or isn’t upfront about it, it may be a sign that you need to find a different retailer. Check website reviews for more information.



Purchasing prescription sunglasses online is a great option for those who lead busy lives or don’t live close to a physical store. They are great for people who are outdoors often and want to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. Buying them can be achieved much faster via the internet, whether by phone or laptop.


Why You Need Demolition Contractors on Your Next Project in Sydney


Are you moving into a new office space or renovating part of your home? In a business or construction project, there are times when you must demolish or clear away an existing structure. This may be to prepare it for new owners or optimize your future use of the space. This task is not something that can be managed without assigning a team of reliable workers to it. Therefore this is the perfect opportunity to work with demolition contractors in Sydney to get the job done.

Hiring strip out experts from a professional company can help you de-fit and deconstruct residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Strip outs involve removing all non-essential elements of a space so that it can be transformed and later re-used with new fixtures and systems.


Efficient and effective

Thanks to years of experience, strip out experts understand the process of de-fitting and deconstruction better than anybody else. They will be able to effectively demolish a space on schedule, enabling the project to move on in optimizing the space’s usability in the future. Moreover, as experts they make use of specialized tools and technologies that no one else has.  For example they can use dump trucks, claw and jackhammer attachments, which will enable efficient work.




Inspection and permit requirements

When searching for the right experts, choose demolition contractors in Sydney that have proper licenses and permits. As this is indicative of their professionalism and experience, you can rest assured they will be in compliance with regulation and follow the correct procedures. Moreover, they will be able to guide you through the rules and requirements in an inspection, before starting the process of stripping out your space. In addition, this will help you avoid unnecessary fines.


Quality assurance

If you chose to handle your own strip out project, you would risk being accountable for any damages caused. Whereas with the employment of demolition contractors in Sydney, you will be able to mitigate risks. The experts have a strong understanding of this field and will ensure no damage occurs to the structure or building surrounding, which could have occurred if you took it on unknowingly. This includes the maintenance of gas and water lines. Thus, in order to prevent accountability from unwanted risk and assurance of deliverable quality, hiring demolition contractors in Sydney is the way to go.


Waste management

An ideal demolition contractor in Sydney should take care of every step of the de-fitting and deconstruction process from start to finish. After everything is removed, a professional firm should ensure the entire space is thoroughly cleaned in a timely and responsible manner. It is important to look out for a company that is highly conscious of the environmental effects that accompany waste disposal. Choose firms that adopt eco-friendly practices with their waste management. More specifically, look into firms that re-use and recycle certain materials. By picking a professional company that plans, organizes and executes to the very last step, your space will be left spotless and ready to be transformed into something new.



De-fitting and deconstruction can result in accidents, damage to property and even death. This is especially prevalent if the existing structure unstable, thus posing a major threat to the welfare of people living in the surrounding area. In addition, there can be large chunks of fallen debris that must be taken care of in order to maintain electrical and plumbing lines. Therefore it is critical to hire demolition contractors from your local Sydney area as they have certified knowledge on how to execute a safe de-fitting and deconstruction, and as a result, ensure everyone’s safety.

If you would like further details to inform your decision-making in hiring a demolition contractor in Sydney see this helpful guide.

Challenges for Scaffoldings


Scaffoldings are all about the development of temporary structures to aid in construction or in the maintenance of existing buildings, with the focus being on safety and harm minimization for workers in these environments.

As such, there are a myriad of issues that can come up. With a duty of care to workers, it’s extremely important for employers in these jobs to analyse the safety conditions and manage them accordingly.

We’ve thrown together a list of common challenges in scaffoldings work, and ways to deal, should they arise…


  1. Working at heights

Naturally, as scaffoldings tend to support work above (or way above!) the ground, there is the risk of falling. This is the most common hazard on the job.

A risk assessment must be conducted to determine if there is a high risk of falling 2 metres or more. If this is the case, physical preventions like guardrails must be put in place.




  1. Falling items

Tools and debris can too fall and hit workers, making this another common scaffoldings-related harm. And the impact of such weighty objects giving in to the force of gravity can lead to some very serious injuries, including a fatal head fracture.

Guardrails and head gear are just a couple of the things that can be put in place by employers to protect workers from this hazard, and prevent loose items from falling.

  1. Loose planks

Scaffoldings-related injuries can also come from unstable planks. When these aren’t fitted securely, the are prone to slipping off, which can cause workers to fall. They can also break if they unable to support a weight, and tipping when a worker stands in the overhanging position.

To help control for these issues, proper grades of lumber must be used, and planks inspected with high attention to detail.

  1. Electrocution

As electrical lines tend to be in the areas where scaffoldings are erected, and sometimes come into contact with the structures, electrocution is a risk. It’s important to ensure workers will always have adequate clearance from power lines. If a power line comes in contact with wire reinforcers, for example, it can cause electricity to run through the entire metal frame.

  1. Collapses

If not put together correctly, scaffoldings can fall apart, which is a very dangerous situation. In addition to checking the framework has been constructed with precision, it’s essential to inspect for defective parts – even if the framework is perfectly constructed, this can still lead to hazards.

  1. Overloading

Another major risk comes when the temporary structure is overloaded – more weight placed on it than what can be supported. This creates excess strain on the structure which can lead to collapses.

  1. Poor safety equipment

Workers are bound to be put at risk if not provided with secure and appropriate personal protective equipment. Harnesses nor handrails, for instance, must not be loose. Certified head protection gear should be provided to all workers as a precaution for falling items. These all have specialized safety-oriented features targeting the risks at hand.




  1. Weather

Risk of injury grows higher with poor weather conditions such as rain and winds. The most important thing for employers to do is assess ahead of time whether conditions are unsafe, and not make workers be on site if this is the case.

  1. Dismantling hazards

Then, there are the risk factors that pop up when it’s time to take it down…


Scaffoldings must be taken apart in the reverse order to which it is constructed. All parts need to be lowered carefully and never dropped. The latter would be very dangerous to workers.