3 Ways Professional Balloon Decoration Can Elevate Your Corporate Event

If you’re in the position of organizing a corporate event, whether it be for the purposes of fundraising, a new product launch or just an excuse to network; you need to consider the visual elements of the occasion. While you have likely put a lot of work into organizing banners, table-covers and other aesthetic elements, you might have overlooked the benefits of investing in balloon decoration.

You might not have even considered having inflatables at your event to begin with. While they may seem trivial or juvenile considering the associations they have with children’s parties, they are actually a really powerful yet subtle way to assert your brand in the minds of your attendees.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways that professional balloon decoration can elevate your corporate event.


Adds a fun aesthetic element that makes people feel at ease

The most obvious benefit of using balloon decoration at your corporate event is that they create a fun, light-hearted atmosphere that subtly makes attendees feel more at ease. This is because of the aforementioned association with children’s parties and this makes the whole affair feel like it isn’t taking itself too seriously without jeopardizing on the authority of your brand.

The bonus of using balloon decoration in this way is that it will make attendees feel more at ease and in a better position to positively respond to your calls to action. If the purpose of the event is to encourage people to sign up to a newsletter or pre-order a product then using this affect to its fullest potential will make your audience more likely to make a purchase decision because they feel more comfortable overall.

While balloon decoration alone isn’t going to push someone into a buying decision, it can be a powerful addition to the mix of visual elements you are already using. This explains why you see branded inflatables at so many corporate events; organizers know the power they have in creating a light-hearted atmosphere and making their audience more receptive to their calls to action.

If your goal is to directly influence the rate at which people positively respond to your calls to action than this is definitely one of the best ways to ensure it. Just make sure that you combine it with a plethora of other visual elements with your brand name on them.


Boosts the perceived authority of your brand in the minds of attendees

A lesser-known but very powerful benefit of using branded balloon decoration is that it will elevate the authority of your brand in the eyes of attendees as well as anyone who sees media of the event afterwards. This is simply because going to the expense of printing your brand’s logo onto hundreds of inflatables tells the audience that your business is thriving.

Think about it; if you see a hundreds of inflatables at an event with the company’s brand name on them, you are probably going to be slightly impressed that they went to that extra expense. This is because balloon decoration basically says “we can afford to go to this expense on something seemingly trivial because we are so successful”.

As mentioned previously, this is a very subtle message that attendees are going to be aware of only on a subconscious level. In this way, the inclusion of branded balloon decoration is one of the most powerful ways to market your brand and boost brand authority in the minds of your audience.


Practical décor that makes people remember your brand

Another benefit of using balloon decoration at your next corporate event is that it is a cheap way to flood your brand name into a space and make sure that people remember it. Because they are so versatile, you can arrange them in such a way that they aren’t intrusive and actually help guide the flow of the event.

For example, you could arrange them into archways that greet people as they enter or as weighted table décor. There’s basically limitless ways that you can use balloon decoration to enhance your event whilst enjoying all of their other subtle benefits.


So, will you take advantage of balloon decoration at your next corporate event?

If you’re organising a corporate event for your company, no matter the function, then there’s really no good reasons not to include this kind of inflatable décor. If you are looking for a cheap but effective way to ensure your brand remains at the forefront of people’s minds then it’s really hard to ignore this option.

Any media coverage of your event will also capture the benefits of them and translate them for people who didn’t event attend your event. The recognition of your brand will be improved drastically by including this kind of décor as long as you combine it with a comprehensive visual package.