5 Reasons You Should Book Premium Removalists When Moving House

When moving home, it can be tempting to simply go down the DIY route in order to cut costs, however, hiring premium removalists will make the process far easier (and safer) so they’re definitely worth the cost. Engaging the services of premium removalists can offer a whole host of benefits both on your moving day and going forward so today we’re outlining some of those perks:

Safer For You

By far the biggest benefit of hiring premium removalists to help get your belongings from point a to point b is that they make the process a thousand times safer for you (and for the friends or family members you would have otherwise roped into helping you). Furniture is heavy and if it isn’t handled correctly, you can do a significant amount of damage to your body when relocating it. The good news is that premium removalists are trained in how to safely and efficiently relocate your belongings, and they will have had to have passed a physical to ensure that they’re up to the task so the chances of anyone getting injured are minimal.

Better For Your Belongings

The next advantage of engaging the services of premium removalists is that your belongings will be far safer on their journey than they would be if you were to move them yourself. Not only are professional movers far better at playing truck Tetris than you could ever be expected to be, they’re also trained in how to properly stack and transport items in a way that does not cause damage. Plus, because they know how to lift and carry bulky and heavy items, they’re far less likely to accidentally drop your sofa (or the super expensive flat screen that lives in your lounge room) or bash your bed against the wall damaging both it and the home you’re moving into or out of.

You’re Covered By Insurance

Premium removalists

Speaking of mishaps such as damaged furniture or buildings, on the off chance that such an unfortunate event does occur while you’re relocating, if it is caused by a member of your premium removalists team, you’re fully covered by their insurance. This can save you from having to fork out for repairs (or worse, losing your bond) and as your belongings are also covered while they’re under the care of professionals, if anything happens in transit, you won’t have to find a way to replace your expensive furniture.

Reduces Stress

Thanks to all the benefits listed above (and the one below) hiring premium removalists also greatly reduces the stress of moving. There is going to be an element of stress any time that you have to relocate yourself and your belongings, but having the peace of mind that everything is taken care of properly (and covered in the event of any unfortunate mishaps) can really help make the process less daunting.

Easier Set Up

Finally, engaging the services of premium removalists makes things a lot easier once you’re at your new home. If family members or friends are helping you move, the focus is probably simply going to be on getting everything inside and being done for the day (heavy lifting is exhausting after all) but if your belongings are being dropped off by premium removalists, they’ll be able to help you get set up in your new home. They’re obviously not going to unbox and set up all of your smaller items for you, but they will place furniture exactly where you want it, rather than simply plopping in anywhere it’ll fit.

For these reasons and more, hiring premium removalists truly is the best idea next time you need to relocate.