Cheeky Vs Thong Swimsuit Bottoms

Are you wondering what all the fuss is about with thong swimsuit bottoms? This racy style has been all the rage in recent years so you’ve probably seen them pop up on your Instagram feed, in stores and all over your favourite magazines. Celebrities have been rocking this look left right and centre and it has filtered into the mainstream but you might also have heard about ‘cheeky’ cuts. Not sure what the difference is?

Read on below to find out the difference between cheeky cuts and thong swimsuit bottoms.

What’s are thong swimsuit bottoms?

Firstly, what exactly are these trendy thong swimsuit bottoms that we’re referring to? This style of bikini is basically as risqué it gets. It’s usually cut high with almost no cheek coverage. The style is certainly not for the faint of heart but it doesn’t have to be gaudy. A simple block colour can make it look stylish and minimalist, as can thicker straps. The style is flattering on almost all figures, whether you’re tall, short, curvy or thin. It’s great for balancing longer legs or for giving a bit of definition to the waist. It’s a style that was first made popular by the likes of Baywatch in the 90s but later fell out of favour. This new resurgence of interest in thong swimsuit bikinis have seen them evolve into a little more refined style, although the basic tenements are still there – you won’t find much coverage to speak of here! This style is very bold, basically covering none of your derrieres. There are even string styles which leave basically nothing to the imagination. If you want to feel a little more secure then you might want to consider a thicker strap around the sides as this can give more of the illusion of coverage.

This is a style that you’ll want to steer clear of if you are doing something very active like surfing but it is a great option when you’re planning on lounging around by the beach or pool and want to get a nice tan with minimal lines.

What’s a cheeky cut?

Two women flexing their thong swimsuit bottoms

Are you wondering what a cheeky cut is? This style involves a little bit more coverage than thong swimsuit bottoms but ticks a lot of the same boxes and can also be very flattering. Cheeky bikinis are a popular choice when they are frilly and look great with bandeau styles or structured tops. If you prefer a bit more coverage but want to rock a similar look to thong swimsuit bottoms then a cheeky cut might be exactly what you need. They look great when they’re high waisted and will draw plenty of attention to your derriere. If you don’t like the discomfort of a string style then this is a great alternative.

Cheeky cuts have been a popular choice for a long time because they are a bit easier to wear and they are a great middle-ground between thong swimsuit bottoms and a fuller coverage style.

So, what look will you wear this summer? Why not both. A cheeky cut can be a great entry point into the style and when you’ve worked up a bit of confidence you can try on an even brasher style and cut. Or just go straight for minimal coverage as soon as possible! Life’s too short to be shy, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! You’ll no doubt love how confident and sexy you feel wearing this style on the beach and in the swimming pool. All eyes will certainly be on you!