Common Advice Offered By a Digital Marketing Company

Businesses that want to bring aboard the expertise of a professional SEO Sydney company are calling out for an expansion of their current operating model.

They understand the need to market their brand on platforms that more people are utilizing each and every day, transitioning away from traditional outlets such as radio and television commercials or print advertising in magazines and newspapers.

Should this be a practice that is outsourced, there will be consultants from a variety of backgrounds who each arrive at this task with a unique take.

Some will prioritize the need to score immediate visibility through pay-per click (PPC) advertisements whilst others will want to develop an organic standing within the niche.

What is important for business managers who are looking to source this intelligence is that they are educated and aware of the factors driving digital marketing in 2018.

Having evolved from an ambiguous concept at the turn of the century, this is now fundamental to ensuring that a brand becomes viable for modern day consumers.

So what kind of advice could you expect to receive from these consultants?

Here we will identify some of these essential pointers, allowing you to be more up to speed on how they will develop a blueprint for your organisation online.


Think Local First

Local promotion has become all the rage in the world of the outsourced digital marketing company as a premium practice. Thanks to the advent of targeted geographic advertising on platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram, more operations today are integrating their keywords and marketing spots on specific postcode domains. There will be certain providers who do not necessarily need to function around a local area, but the majority of companies who want to drive sales will seek to dominate a particular landscape online.


You Need To Be On Mobile

Mobile compatibility sits in the upper echelon of priorities for a 2018 enterprise. Any reputable digital marketing company will advise clients that they need to transition their website into a smartphone friendly design where iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung users can equally enjoy the functionality and features that are illustrated on the domain. 2016 would see the tipping point where a greater percentage of internet traffic was conducted on hand held devices than through desktops, marking a permanent shift in the behaviours of the online community form here on out.


mobile optimization



Create An Audience On Social Media

One of the major outliers that will be discussed as you sit down for a consultation with a digital marketing company is the need to source traffic from an authentic consumer base. Here is where social media becomes fundamental to this task, allowing for regulars and part-time customers to follow your content, click the links, opt in to the messages and share your promotions to pools of other people. Once you have established a presence on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat, it is important to build on that momentum and utilise the viewership.


social media marketing


Build SEO For Long-Term Prosperity

There has to be a long-term planning process put in place when hiring a digital marketing company. This will be built around search engine optimisation (SEO), a practice that takes a minimum of 3-4 months before results start to bare fruit. Undertaking SEO will see your website and online presence boosted through a series of techniques that escalates your standing through specific search terms. It is imperative that you have a grasp of this concept before opening up further discussions.


Drive Video Content

The single most important piece of content you can create for your consumers is digital. Any digital marketing company that veers from this fact is doing your business a disservice. The data emanating from research endeavours over the past 5 years illustrates that individuals respond to video content at a higher rate than any other format, and it should be a driving force behind this project.



No one will expect your company to have the intellectual property that can be sourced by a digital marketing company. What you should be aware of are the patterns of behaviour that help to justify their expertise and the larger plan that is at play. Once you understand the theory behind the activity, you can begin to ask more pertinent questions.