Dental implants in Vietnam: What you must know

You may undergo multiple trips to get dental implants in Vietnam. This is how long the dental implants take. And, if the stars align in your favor, two trips are sufficient. 

A bit of the history of this procedure. First off, the dental implant procedure was invented by Per-Ingvar Brånemark, a Swedish orthopedic surgeon about 70 years ago (1952). The procedure has evolved and is now being used in dental prosthetics to manage missing teeth. 

What are the dental implants in Vietnam?

Made out of titanium, they are designed and placed in the jaw bones to serve as replacement tooth roots for missing teeth without discomforting the nearby tooth. Titanium is used as dental implants in Vietnam because over time your body no longer recognizes it as a foreign body as it fuses with your jaw bone. This further explains why the success rate is over 95% close a 100%. 

Why are dental implants in Vietnam needed? 

Generally, an implant is designed and used to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth. Aesthetics is not only the concern but function too. The function is restored, and you have three options to choose from when it comes to tooth replacement; 

  • You could get a full or partial denture
  • You could get a cemented or fixed dental bridge 
  • You could get a dental implant

Dentures would have made a great choice but for the following reason; your sensory perception of the food in your food is also lost and even taste may be affected though this is not always the case as your tongue plays the greater role in taste experience. 

Dental bridge work on the hand solely depends on your other natural teeth for support. This also makes it a disadvantaged option. While the dental implants in Vietnam are supported or held by your bone only. It doesn’t rely on other teeth for support. But there are factors to take into cognizance such as cost, patient’s health, quality of the jawbone, etc. 

On the good side, dental implants are very stable and give you the feeling of a natural tooth. 

Types of dental implants in Vietnam

dentist installing dental implants in Vietnam

Generally, there are two types; endosteal and subperiosteal. 

Endosteal are implants that are in the bone tissue themselves. But subperiosteal as the name implies are implants situated on top of the bone, the jawbone precisely. The subperiosteal has gone into extinction today as they are no longer used because of the poor results it gives. 

Possible complications 

The success rates for dental implants in Vietnam are very high. However, every surgery has its risks and complications. The patient may have bleeding problems, allergies, or infections. Plus, existing medical conditions may interfere in rare cases. Fractures or overloading of the dental implants may also occur. You may also have issues with poor positioning and poor jaw bone quality. 

But, notwithstanding, the success rate is above 95%. 

Is it painful? 

No pain should be felt during surgery as you would be given local anesthesia. But, you may experience some discomfort after it has worn off. 

Had failed dental implants in Vietnam? You could plan with your surgeon and have another done for you.