Five Reasons To Offer Corporate Flu Shots To Your Employees

Offering corporate flu shots to employees can provide a whole host of benefits for your business. Not only will employees be better protected from influenza on a personal level, but they’ll also help generate herd immunity within your workplace, therefore reducing the chances of the virus spreading throughout your workforce. These aren’t the only benefits of offering employees corporate flu shots though, although some of the perks may not be immediately obvious. That’s why we’ve put together this list to help showcase more ways that corporate flu shots can help your company thrive:

Healthier Workplace

We all know that having the influenza jab helps prevent us from catching that particular virus, but it can also lead to a healthier workplace overall. Providing corporate flu shots shows employees that you care about their health making them more likely to be mindful of this themselves. This helps prevent workers from showing up with any kind of sickness and therefore prevents their germs from spreading around the office.

Less Down Time

While you may think that employees taking sick days for minor illnesses would reduce productivity, the opposite is actually true. By being mindful of when they’re feeling run down, and taking appropriate time off when they need it, workers tend to take less sick days as a general rule as they recover at a faster rate when they’re not trying to balance work and managing their illness. Plus, because workers are taking time off when they need it, they’re not infecting other staff so the total amount of sick leave taken in any given period should also decrease.

Create A Positive Culture

Corporate flu shots

In addition to creating a healthier environment, offering corporate flu shots to your staff also creates a more positive culture. Employees who know that their employer cares about them are far more likely to care about their role, the company, and their coworkers. This in turn leads to a more positive culture overall as everyone is working together to make their time in the workplace both happy and productive.

Open Discussions About Wellness

On a broader scale, offering corporate flu shots to your employees can also open more general discussions around wellness. By finding out what your staff need in order to operate at their best, you can implement programs that improve employee wellness, therefore also improving productivity and overall wellbeing. This can create a positive cycle of change which leads to better employee health, more open conversations about physical and mental wellness and sometimes even improved uptake of your next offering of corporate flu shots which will begin the cycle all over again.

Ensure More Balanced Workflow

Finally, corporate flu shots can also help ensure that your staff experience a more balanced workflow. When an employee is off sick for an extended period of time, their coworkers often end up picking up tasks that they would normally complete in order to keep everything running smoothly. Unfortunately this often leads to them not having enough time to complete all of their own duties which then leads to a ripple effect where more and more employees are impacted. This type of situation can also lead to burnout and more serious issues so it should not be taken lightly. The good news is that by offering your staff corporate flu shots, you greatly reduce the chances of team members being absent from the workplace for an extended period of time and therefore help avoid these types of situations from occurring.

Employee health is, of course, still the biggest and main reason to offer your staff corporate flu shots, but these benefits are certainly worth noting – with that in mind, all that’s left to do is organise your vaccination program.