Go clean and clear with glass water pipes-

Enhance your smoking experience with a beautifully crafted glass water pipe.

Smoking using a glass water pipe provides a smoother, cleaner, pure smoking experience. Combined with the thermal properties of the material and the artisan craftmanship of the makers, you can take your smoking pleasure to new levels.

Glass is a superior product for smoking being much more durable than plastic or Pyrex and less prone to burning and giving off toxic fumes.

This material is also very easy and simple to clean which is not only better for your health but also eliminates unpleasant after tastes which can be associated with items made from inferior products.

These innovative products can be blown and moulded into a limitless amount of visually stunning shapes and designs enhancing the users all round experience.

Along with stunning shapes and designs, the material can also be tinted, emblazoned with logos or engraved for those seeking unique gifts ideas.

By purchasing a glass water pipe you are availing yourself the opportunity to purchase a unique and even customized piece for your smoking experience which is sure to heighten your fun and pleasure.

Here’s a look at some popular styles along with a few tips to help find the right product for you-

Glass water pipes

Purchasing a glass water pipe for some people can be a fun experience and a chance to show off your creative side, whilst for others, they have very specific needs and are looking for a specific product that will maximise their experience. Whichever category you fit in to, here is a short brief on some of the more common styles you will find to help you select the right one for you-


A highly sought after style of glass water pipe, they provide a large sturdy base which can carry a large amount of water compared to a straight cylinder type of product giving a cool and clean experience.

They are easy to maintain and clean and can be tweaked to your personal experience with a wide range of colours, patterns and designs.


A percolator allows the smoke to well and be filtered and cooled by a series of, you guessed it, percolators.

There are dozens of different takes on this theme with many users looking for a glass water pipe with multiple wells to achieve an optimum cool and filtered experience.

Straight Tube-

The straight tube is a stock standard type of product however they can be stretched to make long character pieces and incorporate different patterns, textures and details.

They can also form the base of larger pieces with accessories such as percolators and multiple chambers being able to be easily attached.


Recyclers are a multi chambered glass water pipe. They have a complex setup which circulates and recycles the smoke through the water and percolators on multiple occasions ultimately delivering a very pure experience through the mouthpiece.

Given their intricate and complex designs, most recycler products are at the higher end of the market range.


These are made from borosilicate which is extra thick making this the most durable glass water pipe on the market.

These are ideal for use in large gatherings or social occasions on account of the material’s toughness and resistance to cracking and breakage.

Glass water pipes come in a range of styles, themes, and designs. They can be everything from light-hearted to very specific and tailored to a user’s needs.

These are just some of the glass water pipes you will find available and hopefully it has helped you make a smart purchase choice.