How To Shop For Furniture

It is very exciting to shop for furniture, especially if you’re decorating a new space or trying to breathe new life into your home. If you love everything interior design then it can be a lot of fun to pick out the colours of your new décor. A lot of people really aren’t sure where to start though when they want to shop for furniture. Where do you go to buy the best pieces and how do you get it to all look the way you want? Read our best tips below on how to shop for furniture.

Take stock of what you’ve got

One of the best tips we can offer you is that before you shop for furniture, it’s recommended that you take stock of what you’ve already got. Assess the current items you have and think carefully about how much of you really like and what you want to keep. If you have cheaper pieces then it might be a good idea to get rid of them now or plan for the future when they fall apart. If you have anything that’s super dated then we recommend letting it go. Anything that has sentimental value or that you love, hold onto and use those pieces to help guide your decisions when you go shopping for furniture.

If you’re not sure whether it all gels well together or how to buy items that feel like the fit, then you might want to consider speaking to a professional interior designer. A good decorator can help you achieve a cohesive feel in your home.

Once you’ve taken a good inventory of what you currently have, it’s time to hit the store to shop for furniture. We recommend that you don’t purchase anything until you’ve really mapped out your collection of items. You should think about exactly what you need and how it’s going to fit together with all the elements of that room, like window treatments and lighting. You won’t need to figure out every single piece precisely, but it’s good to have an idea of what kind of styles and colours you want to have in your home. We recommend pulling together a mood board. A lot of people make the mistake of impulse buying an item that doesn’t really fit their space and end up feeling like they are locked into designing a room based on that item.

Check out stores

Before you start to shop for furniture, we suggest that you take the time to really take stock of what is available at your favourite stores. Get busy looking at catalogues, trawling the internet and looking for inspiration in design magazines. You might want to consider visiting design centres, or looking for vintage pieces, this can be a great way to find unusual pieces and can help you to understand what’s available on the market. A lot of designers will tell you to start with the biggest pieces first and work your way back down to the smaller items. Most people say that it’s better to opt for more neutral fabrics. At the end of the day the way you choose to go about your design journey is totally up to you. If you find a lamp that you really love then start there. If you love a bright colour then don’t shy away from it. One thing that most designers will insist upon is that you go for quality with the everyday pieces like your couch. You want to make sure you get the most comfortable thing you can possibly find.