How To Survive Lockdown With Online Team Building Activities

With the lockdown, people are working from home more than ever. With the lack of social interaction and communication between staff members, there needs to be a way for employees to still bond while in their homes. Isolation can lead to mental health problems, making it hard for them to work at their best. Online team building activities are the solution to this, allowing employees to enjoy their work day whilst getting along with their colleagues. Quarantine doesn’t have to be boring. With virtual games and icebreakers, this will allow workers to build morale and keep in touch with their coworkers. Upgrade your zoom calls with activities that are Connection is important, that’s why we are going to dive deep into how online team building activities are beneficial during the lockdown period and what kinds of games you can do during this time. 

Online Teaming Building Activities During Lockdown


Online team building activities will liven up your workday. And what better way to do this than with a classic game of Pictionary. Release your inner Picasso as you draw, making the other employees guess what it is you are drawing. This game showcases creative skills, problem solving skills and thinking skills, which will allow you to see what each employee’s strengths are. With these online team building activities you will also get to understand each other’s way of thinking, which is especially important when it comes to working together. This keeps everyone in sync with each other, making sure they can do tasks productively altogether.

Film Festival

Move over Tropfest! There’s a new sheriff in town. These online team building activities will showcase your performance skills through a good homemade movie to share with your colleagues. Be the next Martin Scorscese and shoot a quick short film. The staff will then have a movie night to watch each other’s films. This will show people’s creativity, performance ability, confidence, as well as management skills. What is contained in the film will showcase the personality of the employee, allowing the department to get to know each other, improving relations and morale in the workplace. When people bond more, this will allow people to feel like they are in a positive environment, improving the productivity of the office.

Trivia Night

What a better way to show your knowledge than with a trivia night, one of the finest online team building activities to test everyone’s capabilities. There are a range of different questions that will be asked based on a variety of categories, spanning from movies, television, music, science, and many other types of areas. The selection will ultimately showcase the strengths and weaknesses of employees in terms of what they know. It will also tell the ability of people working in a particular timeframe and under pressure, providing practice for when workers need to finish a job in a tight deadline.  These online team building activities overall will showcase what the staff is capable of, how they handle a task, and learn more at the same time.

Online team building is highly essential especially during the lockdown period. They can instill positive social connection and allow workers to bond over time they’ve missed chatting in the office. There are a variety of different fun filled online team building activities such as trivia, film festivals, Pictionary and other kinds of games to choose from. With all the options to choose from, you can find something to not only get to know everyone, but to understand their capabilities and overall, improve their weaknesses. This will increase morale, allowing workers to work at their best without having to worry about a lack of interaction.