Look Like A Pro When Looking At Opals For Sale In Australia

As one of the more precious and beautiful commodities in the country, looking at opals for sale in Australia is one of our favourite pastimes and for good reason – there’s some simply stunning examples out there. 

With so many variants and options available out there from merchants and sellers, it’s important that you have an understanding of how to look for value with opals for sale in Australia when buying them. 

Unlike materials like diamond which is colourless and judged on a very specified scale, the many opals for sale in Australia have extremely varied value metrics and are colourfully unique which makes the process of valuing all the more nuanced. Having some confidence as you search and purchase opals for sale in Australia will allow you to buy with a little more confidence and without being taken for a ride. 

Don’t worry about a thing because you now have access to the only guide that you’ll ever need to look like a pro when looking at and buying opals for sale in Australia. 

Factors That Determine The Value Of Opals For Sale In Australia

Base Tones & Brightness

Base tones will determine a lot about the value of opals for sale in Australia and around the world. The base tone is essentially the base colour of the gemstone which ranges from black to milky white. It is ascertained by looking through the stone itself and is associated with a rating ranging from N1 (darkest) to N9 (lightest).

Now let’s get into brightness scales, another important factor to have in your mind when looking at opals for sale in Australia. They can be marked as Faint to Brilliant in terms of their brightness with Brilliant being the top-tier with a charting of 5.

The full list is:

  1. Faint
  2. Dull
  3. Bright
  4. Very Bright
  5. Brilliant

Most dealers will utilise this particular scale, but some are known to use an association scale which has 7 ratings with an opposite order of scaling so be wary and perhaps ask which scale they use to determine brightness. 

Play Of Colour

The major selling point for opals for sale in Australia is undoubtedly the ‘play of colour’ it contains. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also helps in determining synthetic and natural gemstones. The most valuable variations will hopefully have a different shade/play of colour at every angle.  

Know Your Types

There are a number of types of these precious gemstones as well, knowing how to differentiate between the nuanced types is an asset for getting the best deal. 

The four types include:

  • Black
  • Boulder
  • White
  • Crystal

Approaching each merchant with a little confidence and having these attributes in the back of your mind will do wonders for how you’re perceived. It’s also fascinating to learn a little more about gemstones that are inherently Aussie, and yet are not always considered to be as precious as their diamond counterparts.