The Tactical Advantages & Differences With Bongs, Pipes, And Vapes

When it comes to smoking, there are no shortage of options available to the modern consumer. The days of paper are coming to an end and reusable and more environmentally alternatives are making their way to the forefront. With pipes and vapes taking over the portable market and bongs becoming a staple of any modern home, there’s a whole new world out there for new smokers and veterans alike.

As there are so many new products encapsulating the market, it’s always good to have a little understanding of what each of the variant products can offer you. Pipes are for some, bongs are for others, it all comes down to personal choice in the end – the following is to assist you in being as informed as possible when you delve into the world of connoisseur smoking.

Bongs (Home-Based)

Bongs are one of the classic staples to have in a modern home, typically used by the younger generation, bongs have a rich cultural presence and also have a few traditional motifs that help solidify their dominance in history.

Bongs are available at a variety of prices and range from affordable and simple like a lot of classic bongs, or go expensive, extravagant, and almost art-like. The bong is elegant in its design and fast-paced utility, being favoured by younger groups and housemate-households, bongs are almost a part of the furniture in a lot of the trendier sides of the cities.

Their disadvantage is cleanliness-based. It does get quite grimy if left alone and can be an annoyance to clean in a hurry. However, considering the monumental leaps in bongs technology that allows a more refined and specified smoke with each passing year, it’s hard to let the small annoyances get the better of us.

Pipes (Portable)

Pipes are the more portable smoking solution, being slightly more movable than bongs, the simple pipe is a more subtle affair. Allowing an impressive array of design options and possibilities, the way that technology has allowed a more subtle art style to be implemented has made a lot of smokers breathe a sigh of relief.

The obvious advantage is its portability, being able to be moved around with ease and being a go-to emergency device for smokers around the world. The disadvantage is often the ease of marking and scorching that can occur in some of the cheaper pipes on the market. There’s also the unfortunate lack of filtration in a majority of them, meaning a much harsher burn and less pleasant experience.

Vapes (Home Or Portable)

The new kid on the block, vapes aren’t brand new by any means, but they have taken over the public discourse with a vengeance. The sheer number of variations you can have is quite entertaining, ranging from the at-home vaporizers that inflict a nice and breezy cloud of vapor for inhalation. There are famous ones like the Volcano, all the way to newer more portable pens and vaping pipes that allow a portable smoke and freedom.

The advantage of the vape is the cost efficacy and the lack of burning a substance directly into your throat, however, the disadvantages are of course the anxiety surrounding long term effects of consistent vape smoking, so the jury remains out on this one.

There can be no denial however, that the ability to walk around with a micro-vape in your pocket is a marvel at how far we’ve come from burning rolling paper. At the end of it all, ensure you’re smoking with as many precautions as necessary, and look after your bongs, pipes or vapes.