The Three Reasons You Should Invest In A Pop Vinyl Collection

There are a wide array of strange things people find acquirable that can actually turn a profit in the long term. Although it is still in its infancy years, there are more and more reasons to invest in your own pop vinyl collection, not jut for a pretty penny, but also for the aesthetic value that it can add to your office or home.

A pop vinyl collection consists of crafted figures, otherwise referred to as “Funkos” of popular culture characters. What started as simple comic book characters has now become a phenomenon of range and styles extending to real life personas and characters from very niche properties and interests.

Thinking about starting your own pop vinyl collection? Well, here are a few reasons to solidify your choice.

1.   An Insane Amount Of Range

One reason to start your very own vinyl pop collection is the open space for having a very specific range at your disposal. As we have already established, the Funko figures now cover a very wide range of specific genres and areas of popular culture, from Disney films to horror film icons, if you have seen it on the silver screen or on tv, chances are there is a Funko out there for it.

This does mean that completionism of all styles is a monumental task. However, there is a glimmer of hope for your future pop vinyl collection. The amount of range makes it incredibly advantageous to focus on specific genres or film series’ and still have a pop vinyl collection that turns heads. For instance, there are avid acquirers who focus purely on second-tier Disney characters that actually turn a profit to the right customer. We are not even counting limited releases or special editions that have a limited range and are holy grails for avid fans of the figurines.

 This range also means that your pop vinyl collection can be tailored entirely for you and your interests, which is wonderful for sharing with your friends and family.    

2.   They Can Appreciate In Value Significantly

 Wow. There really is some money to be made if you’re into a pop vinyl collection for the investment aspect. While it is a fun hobby to have and having a complete set can sometimes require more effort than its worth, there are a few instances where even a single figure from a pop vinyl collection can appreciate significantly.

For instance, an ‘Alex LeStrange’ glow in the dark figure from the film ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is valued at over $10,000, yes you read that right. Focusing on limited releases and special editions will invariably increase your chances of having a pop vinyl collection that contains a gold nugget for the future. Remember not to get too overly focused on the monetary aspects as it’s almost impossible to predict which figure will appreciate in value over the long term. It’s fairly easy to research as well so always ensure you double check the current prices and the fluctuations in the market. It sounds a bit technical, but it’s honestly quite easy.

3.   Beautifully Crafted

Funko Pop action figure of Lemmy Kilmister

Not only for value, having a pop vinyl collection on display adds a real layer of fun and frivolity to your desk at work or anywhere around your home. The specialised designs really showcase the passion that goes into crafting each individual figure. They look aesthetically pleasing and the level of detail that goes into the niche market figures are quite impressive to behold.

Whether you’re in it for the money or for the look, you’ll struggle to find reasons not to start your own pop vinyl collection today.