Things to Remember While Buying Prescription Glasses

At one stage or another most of us have trouble with our eyes and our sight. Problems that people have can range in severity from case to case but for the luckier ones their problems may just need the help of prescription glasses to help you restore their vision once more. Blurred vision can occur for many reasons including a knock to the head while playing sports, tiredness or even sickness, these symptoms can persist for a while but ultimately can be fixed from rest and general recovery. However, if they don’t go away and you find yourself squinting to make out objects that are either far away or close at hand, maybe it is time to buy a pair of prescription glasses.

Loss of sight can affect people of all ages; however age-related degeneration of the eye is the leading cause of loss of sight in the developed world. As we get older, much like the rest of our muscles in our bodies, our eyes become weaker and need more help to carry out their function. It is said that 20% of the elderly population over the age of 70 live with sight loss while over the age of 90 this figure jumps to 50%. As you get older it is important to get regular checkups, and if asked to be your optician to order prescription glasses.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a pair of prescription glasses. The most important aspects vary from customer to customer but most take into account the following things when choosing their preferred pair.



Prescription glasses aren’t cheap. The whole process between getting your eyes tested to buying the right pair can be an expensive one. There are ways to keep costs down such as choosing different types of materials for the frames and lenses while choosing a brand that is less well-known will also leave you with a little bit more change left over. If you are looking for a cheaper pair then it is best to take your time and wait until you find the price you are looking for. There are plenty of retailers, both bricks and mortar and online, so you won’t run out of options quickly.



There are more styles on the market than you need to choose from. From oversized hipster glasses to thin and lightweight lenses, the style you choose can have an effect on your wallet. The older the style, the cheaper your new purchase will be. Around 20 years ago, you could not be picky with prescription glasses, as there weren’t too many styles that catered to those affected by sight loss. Things have changed though, and you can spend hours and hours mulling over which style suits your face and which pair will be the most comfortable.

Believe it or not, if you do some research online you will find the type of prescription glasses and frames that will fit the shape of your head. For example, if you have a round head it is said you can purchase rectangle, square, aviators or wrap around glasses while if you have an oval shaped head you can buy nearly any type you want as they should all look good.

While buying prescription glasses also take into account your eye, bridge and temple size. This is important as the measurement over your new shades should fit to these parts of your face. After all, finding the perfect style and price wont matter if you continually have to push them back up your nose as you go about your daily tasks.