Top 5 Questions To Ask When It Comes To ACAT Assessments in Sydney

For most people who are getting older, the ACAT assessments in Sydney are a highly important step for a smooth transition into aged care facilities. There are many reasons to do this evaluation such as finding the right place to take you or your loved one and the type of treatment they require. While it may seem simple, it is a complicated process and includes many questions for those who don’t know anything in regards to the transition. Because of this, we’re providing a tell-all guide to answer any burdening questions you may have surrounding ACAT assessment in Sydney. Let’s take a closer look!

Most Asked Questions About ACAT Assessments in Sydney

1# What is the ACAT Assessments all about?

For those who are getting older or a loved one needing more care, ACAT assessments in Sydney are highly important in order to determine the type of care that should be received. It is done through a meeting that is face-to-face, which aged care professional, an older person, and their family are able to better understand the kind of facility that would be best suited to the individual. In this examination, they will go over you or your loved one’s health status, in order to offer you the right assessment of the next steps moving forward.

2# What is the process involved when booking ACAT Assessments in Sydney?

ACAT assessments in Sydney would be referred through healthcare experts or getting in touch with a support member on My Aged Care either online or on the phone. For those who are already in a hospital or healthcare facility, the staff members can do the test without having to book. This way, you can skip the whole process not needing to book in an instant. Professionals who can do the test include community workers, social workers, and other healthcare practitioners.

3# Can you get ACAT assessments in Sydney instantly?

ACAT assessment in Sydney

Unfortunately, the process doesn’t work like clockwork. It is highly important most definitely during an urgent situation for you or your loved one wants to the right aged care facility. At this time, it is best to get in touch with an aged care service, but you can get the advice and help to see what you can do to get your or your loved one to the right place in order to receive the best care possible. In this way in an emergency, you or your loved one will get support right away.

 4# What is the price to do ACAT assessments in Sydney?

ACAT assessments in Sydney are completely free, meaning you don’t have to pay a single cent because it is from the Australian Government. This allows you or your loved one to do the examination multiple times or if there are changes with their health status.

5# If you had done examination years prior and are currently aiming to get Aged Care services, can you be able to re-examine it?

While your analysis is in good standing, the experts require another examination of ACAT assessments in Sydney if there have been changes surrounding the health status. If there are no differences as a result of your health situation altering, this means you may need to do another test in order to determine if you need a different kind of assistance for your or your loved one. Because as you get older the circumstances can change, this means it is highly important to get into contact with an aged care expert so that you know the next steps involved with you or your family member.