Traits Of Good Family Lawyers in Sydney

Doing your due diligence when it comes to choosing family lawyers in Sydney is very important. Unfortunately, many people tend to spend more time carefully choosing a hairdresser than they do family lawyers. A lot of people are intimidated by choosing a lawyer and aren’t quite sure what the right questions to ask are or how to determine the good from the bad. So what are the traits of good family lawyers in Sydney?

They’re a great communicator and listener

Firstly, one of the clear signs of good family lawyers is that they’ll be great listeners and able to communicate clearly with you. It’s important that your family solicitors are both able to clear understand you and your legal issues and also very effectively explain things to you. A good communicator will help to stop misunderstandings or misinterpretations in their track which will help to ensure you have realistic expectations and aren’t surprised or taken aback by anything during the process. After meeting with potential lawyers make sure you think about whether or not you felt like you had a good dialog between you and whether or not you felt heard. You should also feel like whether or not you felt like they were engaged and asking questions, or did they make you feel rushed? Did you feel that things such as billing and expectations were well covered? The most important thing to think about is whether or not you left feeling reassured or confused.

Relevant experience

It’s very important that your family lawyers in Sydney have the right experience to manage your case. Before settling on family lawyers, make sure you ask in-depth questions about their work experience, years practiced and any pro bono work they might have done in the past. Even within the family law field, there can be a wide variety of practitioners with different experience levels so it’s important to think about what you need from your family lawyers in Syndey. Are you looking to come to a fairly quick and amicable agreement or do you expect to need to go to court?

Are they upfront?

family lawyer in Sydney talking to a client over the phone

Family lawyers in Sydney aren’t there to be your best friend. It’s very important to find a lawyer with integrity who will speak with you honestly and set realistic expectations rather than promising you the world. A good lawyer will be honest with you even when it doesn’t align with what you’re hoping to hear. When it comes to the law facts and truth are what matter, not promises or smoke and mirrors. One of the simplest ways to test how honest your family solicitors are is to ask them straight up what outcomes they can promise for your case. A responsible lawyer will not make you promises but will be able to tell you what you can likely expect based on their legal experience and will talk through different strategies with you to come to an agreement about how to proceed. Honest lawyers will also never promise to tell half-truths or try to stretch the truth for you, they will stick to the facts and conduct themselves with integrity.

When you’re interviewing a lawyer you should take the opportunity to size up how honest they seem to be and whether or not they feel like a good fit with you and your values. Make sure you discuss with them what your obligations will be as well –  expectations go both ways. Your attorney will be able to tell you what you need to do, from being civil with your ex-partner to ensuring you share relevant information with your family solicitors. They may also set out expectations in terms of payment, boundaries, and other duties.