Why Citizens Need Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne Following Charges

When charges are laid against a defendant, they will look to hire criminal lawyers in Melbourne who can represent their interests. While there are no guaranteed outcomes in the legal system, their intervention will be valuable given the stakes that are involved.

Understanding Nature of the Charges

The first benefit for citizens hiring criminal lawyers in Melbourne is to allow them to run through the nature of the charges. Such is the panic, stress and confusion experienced by people in these circumstances, they might not be across what they are facing in specific terms. This gives them a chance to see how they have been charged, dealing with an offence that ranges from robbery or larceny to assault, fraud, drug possession, solicitation, manslaughter, murder, rape, perjury, extortion, vandalism, tax evasion and anything in between.

What to Say/What Not to Say to Law Enforcement

Handling police interviews can be a tricky exercise for local citizens, especially for those who have no experience in this domain and feel intimidated by the process. The intervention of criminal lawyers in Melbourne is paramount in these situations, helping individuals to exercise their rights without being misleading or falsifying their account of proceedings. If they are on hand to assist in these matters, that will work in the benefit of the client.

Reducing Risk, Exposure & Long-Term Life Damage

There are instances where the use of criminal lawyers in Melbourne can help to drop the charges altogether if they have been falsely accused, but they will explore every avenue to look out for their interests. From the use of documentation, DNA research capabilities, and accounts from witnesses to the status of employment that could be compromised, specialists in this domain will attempt to manage the short and long-term prospects for the individual.

Deciding How to Plead

Unless the charges are dropped, then a defendant will need to decide how they will plead to those charges. Criminal lawyers in Melbourne will be able to consult with their client during these processes, outlining the positives and negatives of a guilty, not guilty or no contest plea if the case has ventured into that territory. They need to know likely outcomes and what the stakes are in these situations and that is information that can only be expanded upon by sound legal minds.

Adhering to Bail Stipulations

Criminal lawyers in Melbourne during a meeting

Working through official bail application processes is where criminal lawyers in Melbourne provide another layer of value for constituents. Participants don’t want to be spending their time awaiting a hearing or trial within a cell, so it is important for a representative to follow the right processes and ensure that bail is sought for those who are able to fund the application, reaching a figure that will be set by the courts.

Planning & Presenting Evidence

There are a number of components that are in play for criminal specialists in this field, helping to provide context to charges and establishing elements like intent and ownership. They will be in a position to undertake extensive research in this setting as well as identifying inconsistencies in the prosecution, allowing a judge or jury to be persuaded by the facts. Although a presumption of innocence resides with the client, they will need to cover all of their bases to ensure that the charges do not result in a jail sentence.

Reaching Quality Outcomes

Participants in these circumstances will look to avoid a jail sentence at all costs. That is the main reason why constituents will look to reach out to criminal lawyers in Melbourne because they provide the experience, the expertise, the resources and peace of mind for community members who feel isolated, exposed and targeted.