Why Sydney Synthetic Grass Is The Greener & Beautiful Choice

Sydney synthetic grass has become a popular choice for homeowners who want a beautiful lawn, but don’t have the time or desire to maintain one. Not only does it provide an environmentally friendly alternative to natural and traditional looks, but it is also made from recycled materials that are not harmful to the environment. It also requires less maintenance than traditional or natural lawns, which can save you time and money.


From the moment your Sydney synthetic grass is first laid down you’ll notice an incredible style, feel, and realistic sensation that has all the trimmings of a natural lawn. The best part about Sydney synthetic grass comes from the fact it requires less maintenance and upkeep while still providing all of the benefits natural or traditional lawns offer.


The major headache that a quality fake lawn alleviates is in the overall cost. Sydney synthetic grass is more affordable than natural and traditional lawns, typically costing only about one-third of the price.

Saving some money is perfect for those who have a keen eye on their budgets, but still want the sensation of looking out and seeing a beautifully green and lean lawn in the mornings.

Environmental Friendliness

Sydney synthetic grass also has a major environmental advantage over other options as it typically doesn’t require any fertiliser or watering so you can reduce your carbon footprint by a significant margin.

The green surface absorbs water like no other type of ground coverings out there on the market today. Recycled materials used in the installation process can usually be recycled at the end. This means less runoff into storm drains and creeks or sewage systems during heavy rains, with the turf being able to absorb more water than any other type of landscaping. The artificial resources that are needed also need far less energy to produce than traditional lawns do as well.

Drought Resistant

Sydney synthetic grass is a greener choice than any other, especially in Australia with drought being a typical part of life. As we saw over a decade ago with one of the worst droughts in living memories, water usage was closely monitored and the first casualty for many of us was the landscaping maintenance.

The lack of watering with an artificial lawn will invariably benefit the world around us while still ensuring that your garden and lawns are beautiful.


Sydney synthetic grass is perfect for families as well, as the surface is very resilient against pet claws and family members playing on it. Depending on the type of Sydney synthetic grass you go for, the strength and resilience of the blades will be a factor for some, with certain types being more appropriate for a lot of foot traffic and rough play. 

Tips For Finding A Good Supplier

Finding a good supplier of Sydney synthetic grass is easy when you consider a few factors.

Your Budget

Having a budget in mind when looking at the various suppliers of Sydney synthetic grass is essential, with so many varieties of the artificial turf available, there is a wide range of quality costs that can potentially factor in the final overall bill.

Read Reviews And Check Customer Feedback

Reviews are very important when looking into Sydney synthetic grass suppliers, as these can reveal any past issues or future potential problems that could arise from using their product too. Checking customer feedback online or in person at a showroom or shop is also essential before committing to one particular company’s artificial turf products.

Being fully informed on what you’re getting into helps ensure there should be no surprises later down the line.