Why You Should Buy Roller Blinds

Window treatments are an important feature of any home. Not only do they have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home, but they also increase your privacy and security. If you’re conscious about the cost of your energy bill then good window treatments are a must – up to 25% of household energy loss happens through your windows.

If you prefer a clean and simple look and don’t like all the cords and pulls that go with curtains and venetian blinds, the roller blinds can be a good alternative. Read on to find out why they are the best choice for window treatments in any home.


What are roller blinds?

These shades are single length of material which are wrapped around a casing or dowel and mounted above your window. They can be mounted either within or outside of the window recess. Blinds are moved up and down by a chain pulley system attached to the casing. These cords are usually discreet in comparison to curtains or venetian blind systems. It is also possible to have blinds motorized. Automatic system can completely remove any cords or pulleys and can be a great option for homes with young children.


Why choose roller blinds?

They give you so much freedom with how to display your windows. When in an open position, they fit in seamlessly with windows and provide the kind of unobstructed views that would be impossible with curtains or other household venetian or roman blinds. They can be partially or fully closed so that you can control how much sunlight filters in. They can be purchased in block-out fabrics as well and can provide complete privacy and protection from drafts.


Can they be used in every window?

Roller blinds look sleek in any space and can be used in most windows. They look best in single window but can be made to work in Bay windows. They look great at any size. They look clean and neat in small window spaces and can be measured to fit large windows, patios and doors. Thy can even be used for unusual spaces such as skylights.


What fabric options are there for roller blinds?

There are thousands of roller blind options out there. The choice of fabric can be customized is a myriad of ways to best suit your existing décor and to fit in with the general vibe of your home. Looking for airy and bright in your home? Purchase sheer shades to let in as much light as possible whilst also providing privacy. Have issues with glare hitting your living room television? Is the afternoon sun heating up your home? Choose block-out fabrics to protect your windows. It is even possible to install double roller shades so that you can get the best of both worlds, or alternate both styles throughout the house in the same fabric shade for visual consistency.


What type of décor do roller blinds work best with?

These shades are a minimalists best friend! They have a very neutral look and the fabric options and colour choices available mean that they can be made to look appropriate with all kinds of décor from traditional to contemporary. The choice of mounting can help to enhance the décor as well, a ceiling mount for example can make a room feel taller or the choice to mount inside the window recess can give the illusion of the shades being practically invisible when rolled up.


Do roller blinds require maintenance?

Roller blinds should be gently cleaned about once a year. The process of cleaning them is relatively easy, they only need to be rolled off their brackets and gently wiped down with a towel or cloth. This is a much simpler cleaning process than curtains or venetian blinds which can be costly and time consuming to clean, sometimes requiring professional dry cleaning or blind cleaning services.


How much do roller blinds cost?

There is a huge variety in prices for roller blinds. They can come pre-cut and ready to hang for do-it-yourself installation, this is a very affordable option especially if you are trying to add shades to window with a standard size. The cost for ready-made shades can be as low as a few cents per square foot. If you want more control over the measurements and fabric of your blinds, then made-to-measure is the way to go. Made-to-measure shades are cut to your exact specifications and can be installed by professionals or by you. The average cost for made to measure blinds is between $5-15 per square metre.

Roller blinds are a sleek, affordable window treatment option for any home. They look good with all kinds of décor and can be used to enhance the space.