Why You Should Buy Your Prescription Sunglasses Online

For many people looking to update their specs, visiting a store in person may seem like the only available option. But alas, it’s not – the internet has made the process much easier and more affordable. Purchasing your next pair of prescription sunglasses online is the ideal option for those who are time poor or live a long distance from a physical store.

Shades that have lenses which improve your sight are a worthwhile addition to your spectacle collection. Not only are they essential for people who are outdoors or drive a lot (to shield against the sun’s rays), but they ensure that you don’t have to wear two pairs of specs at once (which can sometimes look a bit silly) and keep you looking stylish!




Here’s a list of 5 benefits of buying prescription sunglasses online:

1.      Ease of purchase

Shopping on the internet is so much easier than doing it in person – you can do it at your own convenience, whether you’re at home, in the office or on the bus. Simply find a website that you like, select your favourite style, send them your treatment details and payment and they’ll be on their way! This is one of the greatest benefits of getting prescription sunglasses online.


2.      Wider variety of options

Whereas a shopping centre might only have one or two stores for you to choose from, the large number of spectacle businesses available digitally gives you greater freedom of choice. Buying prescription sunglasses online means that not only can you choose the shades and lenses themselves, but you can choose a brand that suits you best. This will help ensure you are happy with the decision you make. However, it can sometimes be important to put in your treatment details before browsing styles, as your selection may be limited based on the strength of your required lenses.



3.      Try them on digitally

It’s obviously important to be able to test your specs before you buy them. Many stores on the internet offer a virtual ‘try on’ feature, where you can upload a photo of yourself and see what each pair of shades will look like on you. If you’d rather test them out physically, many businesses will be willing to mail you out several tester pairs for a free home trial.


4.      It can save you time

Often going into a physical store to buy new specs can take up a lot of time. From travelling to the store to waiting for the specs to arrive (you may even have to go back to the store to pick them up), the process can be time consuming. Purchasing prescription sunglasses online can be a much faster process, with many companies offering next day home delivery.


5.      Good returns policy

It’s important to find a digital retailer with a solid returns policy. Many stores will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, whereby if you aren’t completely happy with the style or fit, you can return the specs for a full refund. Of course, if a store on the internet doesn’t offer this, or isn’t upfront about it, it may be a sign that you need to find a different retailer. Check website reviews for more information.



Purchasing prescription sunglasses online is a great option for those who lead busy lives or don’t live close to a physical store. They are great for people who are outdoors often and want to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. Buying them can be achieved much faster via the internet, whether by phone or laptop.